Looking for an Arborist? Tree Lopping? Or Tree Surgery?

Service Description.

  • Remove hazardous Trees or Trees from the wrong position.


  • Minimise damage & risk by having professionals perform this task.
  • All green matter is mulched which can be retained by the owner for subsequent replanting or replacement programs.
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What's the Deal with Tree Lopping?

Lopping destroys forever the natural beauty & shape of a tree. This act cannot be undone.

"Topping" or "Lopping" is the practice of removing the "head" or top of a Tree. It can also constitute removing branches & leaders leaving behind branch stubs or even just a "totem pole". Many believe that this practice is the way to control the size of their trees but there are major problems & some little known side effects with this damaging technique. Lopping directly contravenes 'Australian Standards for Amenity Pruning' for the following reasons...
  • Trees cannot protect themselves from these wounds & although they may re-sprout the internal damage is irreparable, with limb failure & tree death being inevitable.
  • Trees require foliage to survive (photosynthesis). If too much foliage or mass is removed the tree will starve & put on fast re-growth (epicormic growth) which is very poorly attached & is not part of the original 'skeleton' of the tree.
  • This growth is what is most likely to fail in any sort of weather.
  • Lopping destroys forever the natural beauty & shape of a tree.
  • Older trees in particular cannot cope with this massive damage & may die quite quickly.
Contact a qualified Arborist or Tree Surgeon to advise you of the best way to deal with your Tree problems. Poor workmanship will cost you more eventually & you may be destroying a valuable asset to your property.






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